If you haven’t heard of the World Domination Summit, or WDS for those folks in the know, you’re not alone, as it’s a relatively new event with a tight knit group of loyal followers.  The recently completed rendition was only the third event, but based on its growth, from 480 in 2011 to 975 in 2012, and now 2800 in 2013, it’s getting a lot more attention these days, and rightfully so.

World Dominatin Summit 2013

WDS has adopted a unique format which consists of dynamic speakers presenting in a concert hall to the entire group, as well as more intimate breakout sessions which allows the attendees to interact with the speakers, as well as each other.  The main reasons people come to WDS each summer?  Inspiration and interaction were at the top of the list according to veterans that I spoke to over my three days in Portland.

Darren Rowse on Stage - World Domination Summit

WDS is the creation of Chris Guillebeau, who also promotes the idea of living an unconventional life via his book, The Art of Non-Conformity.

Featured speakers included industry icons such as Nancy Duarte (writer, designer, and speaker) and Tess Vigeland (veteran journalist from NPR’s Marketplace Money), but the one person I really wanted to see was Darren Rowse – ProBlogger – as the book that he wrote with Chris Garrett on blogging: ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income, was a big influence in the early days of Global Patriot 5 years ago.

You can read about his personal history, which he included in his WDS talk, but the message Darren brought to the audience at WDS was the notion of taking responsibility for creating our own future.

As part of the process he emphasized that accountability was key to making dreams a reality, and at one point asked everyone in the audience share their dream with a person sitting next to them and say what we were going to do to realize that dream as it’s not enough to simply dream, or just talk about those dreams; we must act.

“Become obsessed with being useful.”

Darren also talked about following your spark, what excites and inspires you, and know that you can fix the problems that pop up along the way.  Too often we feel trapped by the idea that we need to come up with big concepts, but sometimes it can be a small thing that develops into something of greater significance.

“Your next big thing might be the small thing in front of you.” 

As you might imagine, Darren’s presentation hit home from a Global Patriot point of view, as the world will only become a better place when millions of people dream a new future, then take action to bring those dreams into reality.

Darren Rowse Superman - World Domination Summit

What brilliant spark is inspiring you to improve life on this planet?


We’ve all had ups and downs in our lives, though it seems some have had more than their fair share.  One such individual is Bhava Ram, a former network news war correspondent who suffered a career-ending broken back, and after a failed surgery, was considered permanently disabled and confined to a body brace.

The regiment of medications were debilitating enough, but years later Bhava was diagnosed with stage four cancer and given a very dim prognosis for his survival. Despite the long odds, this was not to be the end of Bhava’s story, as his own son provided the inspiration to take an unconventional route to reclaim his life.

Bhava talked about his journey from near death, to strength and abundant health during his presentation at TEDxSanDiego in December 2012, but he’s also written about the experience: Warrior Pose, A War Correspondent’s Memoir.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Southern California, Bhava’s book premiere is on Sunday, May 5th, 2013 at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice located on the University of San Diego campus – reserve a seat to see Bhava Ram in person!

Bhava Ram Warrior Pose Book Cover


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