Leap Anywhere Supports 12for12k & Global Patriot

by Mark Lovett on September 14, 2009

In support of Doctors Without Borders, the 12for12k Challenge & Global Patriot kicked off the Music as Medicine concert series in San Diego on September 3rd. The second concert, held in Stockholm on September 9th, was equally amazing.  The third fundraising event, being held in London on September 15th, has been organized by Leap Anywhere.

Music as Medicine London

The Support of Many

These three events were made possible by the efforts of many individuals who have stepped forward and volunteered their time, resources and networks. That has been a wonderful process to witness, and speaks  to the fact that there are countless big hearts in this world with a desire for change.

In this case, my dear friend Shanna Trenholm electronically introduced me to Steve Bridger. Once Steve heard what 12for12k and Global Patriot were up to he immediately agreed to lend his support and quickly introduced me to Malcolm Scovil and his new organization, Leap Anywhere.

Leap Anywhere Launches

The moment I saw their website I knew that Leap Anywhere was the perfect partner for this project.

Leap Anywhere was set up to publicise the things that people do, that do good, and to make it easier by listing these in one place. It is also a social platform that enables you to share past, present and future Leap experiences with other users for free.

Leap Anywhere Logo

Headquarted in the heart of London’s Soho, over 130 people work either full-time or part-time as a part of the Leap Anywhere team to help inspire the world to get leaping.

Prior to Leap Anywhere Malcolm was in London for several years helping high growth internet and technology companies expand, most recently at venture capital firm Summit Partners. He now leads the team in the London HQ and is passionate about ways that will get more people off their sofas and out benefitting good causes.

The Evening’s Talent

Within days Malcolm had secured Kettner’s in Soho as our venue and lined up the evening’s talent. Performances by the renowned Ed Roughton of The Neon Empire and DJ Sam Young will entertain the crowd gathered to support Doctors Without Borders.

Formed in 2007, The Neon Empire has created an addictive blend of alternative rock, funk, and progressive rock, which is incredibly popular in both the UK and abroad. Compared to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and even Kings of Leon, Ed Roughton handles lead vocals and guitar for TNE and we’re all quite curious as to what he has in store for this event.

The Evening’s Venue

Entered via a secret door on Greek Street, the highly original new space on the first floor draws its inspiration from a French film director’s lair. It comes complete with casting couches, a drinks cabinet, music system, WIFI and a grand piano.

The Apartment at Kettner's

The Apartment at Kettner's

The Apartment at Kettner’s can accommodate 100+ patrons in an elegant yet intimate space. The management has graciously offered the room for this fundraising event, which is set to last until midnight. This will be an opportunity to learn more about the efforts of Doctors Without Borders in the UK, as well as network with a broad range of people dedicated to doing good in the world.

From a personal perspective, it’s been a great honor to work with such amazing people

in San Diego, Stockholm and London in support of Doctors Without Borders!

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