12for12k Music as Medicine Tour – Stockholm

by Mark Lovett on September 20, 2009

Stockholm was host to the second stop on the Music as Medicine concert tour in support of Doctors Without Borders. For this event the partnership between Global Patriot and the 12for12k Challenge expanded to include a new organization entitled Concerts for Change.

Johan Burell, Renee Viterstedt, Anders Sporring

Johan Burell, Renee Viterstedt, Anders Sporring

This collaboration began with an initial Tweetup meeting in Stockholm during which I explained that Danny Brown (founder of 12for12k.org) and I (founder of Global Patriot) had selected the month of September to combine forces in an effort to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders.

Inspired by the cause, and recognizing the power of music to change the world, Renee Viterstedt, Anders Sporring and Johan Burell decided to create their own organization, and in the process, have laid the groundwork for producing future concerts throughout Europe.

Johan and Renee Interviewed

Thomas Bjelkeman was in attendance and shot this very cool interview with Johan and Renee. (Thomas is doing incredible things as founder of Akvo – expect to see a future collaboration.)

Amazing Performances

While I intended to use footage from the concert, the videos below do far more justice to the talents of Sofia Talvik and Tom Levin. It was an honor to have them support the Music as Medicine tour. Assuming you love great music, you would be well served to buy their albums!

The success of this event was gratifying, but the unexpected benefit was to see others inspired to create their own vehicle for making a positive difference in the world – in the true spirit of being a Global Patriot – look for future events sponsored by Global Patriot and Concerts for Change!

Concerts For Change Logo

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