LeapCR Inspires Corporate Social Responsibility

by Mark Lovett on June 20, 2010

LeapAnywhere is an amazing UK-based organization that lives by the motto, “Have Fun, Do Good”, and connects individuals with cool charitable events.  Not satisfied with their past success, they just launched LeapCR, a platform designed to inspire and foster the corporate social responsibility movement.

LeapCR Inspires Corporate Social Responsibility

According to Malcolm Scovil, the founder of LeapCR, “Like a concierge service, we’re dedicated to finding the best local causes for employees to support.  To date we’ve partnered with more than 350 charities and non-profits, including Oxfam, WaterAid, Amnesty, Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Foundation & Madonna’s charity Raising Malawi.”

Corporate & Employee Benefits

When companies subscribe to the LeapCR service they gain visibility of key metrics, including the total time contributed by company employees to the local community, participation rates and a list of all charities supported.  Employees gain access to a range of charitable events such as river cleanup projects, soup kitchens, aiding the homeless, fundraising events, cultural exhibitions and educational lectures.

LeapCR is a fantastic new platform that makes it super easy for corporations to mobilize their employee base in the service of causes that are meaningful to the brand and employees. Concepts like LeapCR are so brilliant because they offer management, employees and the community so many benefits.

Simon Mainwaring, former Worldwide Creative Director Motorola/Ogilvy

LeapCR Platform Highlights

  • Dozens of fun social, local, charitable events and volunteering activities each week
  • Full integration with Google maps to show activities based on proximity to company offices
  • “Leap widget” allows companies to show their employee community activity on their own websites and blogs
  • Social networking features so colleagues can invite each other and see events other employees are attending
  • Full reporting functionality for internal and external CSR reporting
  • Reward and recognition system including badges/trophies/leaderboard to encourage healthy competition
  • BBC weather forecast integration so employees can see days they should and shouldn’t do outdoor volunteering – a must in rainy London!
  • Streamlined set up onboarding a new company only takes 5-minutes
  • Very cost-effective annual subscription

Become an ‘employer of choice’ – 75% of executives interviewed believe that a corporate volunteer program significantly impacts the company’s image as an “employer of choice”. Boost morale and increase productivity from your team.

Inspiring both employees and corporations to support hundreds of worthwhile causes within their local communities can have a profound effect on societies around the world and should be an integral part of our cultural fabric.

Global Patriot is honored to support the efforts of LeapCR and LeapAnywhere!

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