Afriversity Is Training Entrepreneurs In Africa

by Mark Lovett on October 11, 2010

Entrepreneurs have long been the engine of economic growth, combining creativity and capital to bring new ideas to fruition.  Afriversity is focused on creating and supporting a new breed of world class, socially responsible, global entrepreneurs that will help Africa prosper in the new millennium.

Founded in 2008, the first idea for Afriversity originated some 20 years earlier when Thorgeir Einarsson, Afriversity’s CEO, visited Nigeria on a business trip.  It was clear that the local people possessed a strong desire to create successful businesses, yet their educational opportunities were quite limited.

Afriversity Builds Entrepreneurs

The programme offers a practical and individualised entrepreneurial development course that combines hands-on business education, training and incubation, designed to help budding entrepreneurs.

To address this educational need, Afriversity Training Programmes utilize a hands-on approach to teaching skills such as effective selling and innovative marketing using a foundation of creativity, innovation and inter-cultural communication.

In 2005 Johannah and Solomon Moriti founded JO’M Cosmetics in Cape Town, South Africa. Their line of natural hair care products provided an alternative to commercial products which rely on synthetic chemicals.  But as their company succeeded, they recognized the need for business training that would allow them to continue growing.

Afriversity was suggested to me at a time when I needed to grow my business and their Strategic Planning program.  The fact that they offered mentorship and incubation for promising entrepreneurs was very attractive for me.  I also appreciated their practical, unique approach and their mentors have a proven track record.” – Solomon Moriti

Cocoa Beans for JO'M Cosmetics

Cocoa Beans for JO'M Cosmetics

Aims of Afriversity:

  • Create opportunities for entrepreneurs in Africa to launch and grow profitable businesses that benefit the local communities by providing the necessary tools and support for global enterprise creation
  • Promote a culture of social and economic development by creating entrepreneurial role models, raising expectations and expanding access to real opportunities
  • Inspire graduate students and professional volunteers in developing countries and direct their energy and skills to become aspiring world entrepreneurs
  • Increase private investments in emerging markets by demonstrating that small producers can compete successfully in local and global markets
  • Provide business incubation services for innovative and fast growing African companies
  • Replicate the model throughout all of the African nations

Empowering individuals to believe, trust and know that they can do it (start a company, grow a company) and that they have the potential to lift themselves and their communities out of unemployment and into the world market.

For those who wish to support the creation of entrepreneurs in Africa, individuals and corporations can help Afriversity succeed via financial aid and sponsorships.

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Catarina Alexon April 22, 2011 at 1:43 pm

Keep up the good work!

Have worked extensively with governments in Africa to further the interest of the continent. Would for instance like the US and EU to scrap their farm subsidies which would be one way for Africa to start trading out of poverty.

Developing entrepreneurial spirits is another good move. Just remember that carrying out entrepreneurial activity is different from having an entrepreneurial mind. So try to find the ones with entrepreneurial minds and facilitate for them to start companies with a board. Entrepreneurial minds often needs someone to for instance handle the finances. Otherwise it can get out of hand since people with entrepreneurial minds are not afraid of risks. But it’s such people who are the future and will, if assisted, build up companies that create jobs on the continent.


GlobalPatriot April 27, 2011 at 12:26 pm

Very good points Catarina, especially with regards to having financial knowledge. Without that training, even the best ideas have little chance of success in the entrepreneurial world, which is why it’s encouraging to see such education brought to the developing world.


zablon mukuba October 23, 2010 at 6:19 am

this is a great post. helping other people is the highest form of kindness


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