Bag Childhood Hunger Day Is November 10th

by Mark Lovett on November 3, 2010

The sad reality is that nearly 17 million children in America, nearly one in four, face hunger.  And it’s likely that these children will endure lifelong consequences as a result of having limited access to nutritious foods.

We Can Make a Difference

Considering the wealth that exists in the United States, it’s difficult to believe that so many children have to deal with hunger and the related issues of malnutrition, but with their No Kid Hungry Campaign, the Share Our Strength organization is making a commitment to end childhood hunger in America by 2015.

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Take the pledge today!

No Kid Hungry Pledge

The effects of childhood hunger include:

  • Long term hunger weakens a child’s immune system
  • Causes more frequent headaches, colds and ear infections
  • Impaires performance in school – academically, athletically and socially
  • Makes them more susceptible to obesity as children and as adults
  • Results in more behavioral, emotional and academic problems

If we have the drive and determination, this problem can be solved, and as a result of helping millions of hungry children in America we can begin to tackle the issue of hunger throughout the world – something that’s very Global Patriot!

Ten Point Plan to End Hunger

  • Provide all children with a healthy breakfast
  • Encourage healthy food choices
  • Help eligible families meet needs at home with access to food stamps
  • Improve the economic security of working families
  • Increase families’ access to fresh, affordable produce in their neighborhood
  • Help afterschool programs provide healthy meals and snacks
  • Expand the reach of summer meals programs
  • Access to balanced, nutritious diets for pregnant women and preschool children
  • Ensure access to nutritious food in shelters and food pantries
  • Provide comprehensive public education about available resources and assistance

While hunger is a worldwide issue, supporting this campaign in America will serve to raise awareness globally – Take the Plegde Today!

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zablon mukuba November 9, 2010 at 6:05 pm

No Kid should go hungry, how can i help


GlobalPatriot November 9, 2010 at 7:03 pm

Just head over to and click on Donate Now at the bottom of the paper bag image – it’s that easy!


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