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by Mark Lovett on November 20, 2010

Traveling the world back in 2007, CEO and founder TJ Sassani realized that people spend far too little time experiencing the fun things in life. That idea sparked the creation of Zozi, a new internet site which connects people to exciting activites and experiences, and does so at a steep discount.

At zozi, we’re built on the belief that everyone should experience what this amazing world has to offer. We enable you to easily find and book things to do locally and around the world…while also bringing it to you at up to 70% off. Think sailing school, kayaking tours, fire-eating lessons, cooking classes, dance lessons, wine tasting, trekking, racecar driving, etc.

Zozi Surf Lessons

Fulfill your dream of learning to surf!

Offering a Classic Win-Win Opportunity

According to TJ, “Zozi is looking to provide customers with the chance to engage in activities that are both fun and inspiring while bringing the companies involved a fresh set of clients that, in most cases, had never heard of the business before.”

But the activities TJ is talking about are not geared to spectators.  As you can see from the list below, these are adventurous endeavors that connect people to each other and with the outdoors, and serve to expand self-confidence or athletic ability.  They may also represent the realization of a life long dream – to finally fly a plane, learn how to ski, or master the art of photography.

Current Cities Served and Recent Offer

  • Boston – 84% Off Private Fighter Fitness Lesson and Five Conditioning Classes
  • Chicago – 53% Off Five Boxing, Kickboxing, or Strength & Conditioning Classes
  • Los Angeles – 51% Off Stand Up Paddleboard Lesson
  • New York – 52% Off Four Beginner Level Salsa Classes
  • Orange County – 54% Off Piloting a Plane For Thirty Minutes
  • Portland – 50% Off Two Weeks of Unlimited TEAM Fitness Classes
  • San Diego – 55% Off An All-Day Paintball Battle With Gear
  • San Francisco – 50% Off an Indoor Skiing or Snowboarding Training Session
  • San Jose – 50% Off an Indoor Skiing or Snowboarding Training Session
  • Seattle – 53% Off a Holiday Dinner Cruise on Liberty Bay for Two
  • Washington, DC – 50% off a Washington Photo Safari & Lesson

Don’t worry if your city is not listed above, as Zozi will be expanding to many other cities in the near future.  Check out this expanded list and get on their email list!

Zozi Pilot A Plane

Pilot a plane, no experience necessary!

We also believe in a strong sense of community and do-goodery, so we give a portion of our profits back to the local communities in which we operate. We’re thrilled to help local schools, environmental causes, and other phenomenal projects – it’s part of our DNA and we’re psyched to do our part in making a positive impact in the community.

Zozi Embraces the World

The goal, as TJ explained, is to expand the current list of local offers to include regional vacations as well as explore international destinations.  “Sometimes people are looking for a low cost activity close to home, but at other times they want to get away for a ski weekend, or even a longer experience within a foreign country – it’s our intent to offer all three levels of adventure.”

Global Patriot salutes Zozi for inspiring us to live an adventurous lifestyle while connecting with nature and supporting our local communities!

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