Change a Child’s Life by Cultivating Brilliance

by Mark Lovett on May 15, 2011

A high percentage of students graduating from college come from middle or upper-class families, having attended well run and properly funded schools.  But many kids are not so fortunate, having grown up in low-income families and attending schools where the dropout rate is high and drugs, crime and gangs are the norm.  Few of these kids ever have the opportunity to attend college.

The Human Development FoundationGifted students who endure such hardships at a young age are at a much higher risk of becoming depressed and exhibiting behavioral problems, both at home and school.  How sad that a natural born leader might end up leading a violent neighborhood gang instead of directing a company.  To address this situation, The Human Development Foundation, through their innovative OPEN GATE program, is cultivating brilliance in students that happen to come from low-income families.

Make a Donation Toward a Child’s Future Today!

Elementary school students receive one-on-one tutoring from professionally trained university students.  In addition, school supplies, educational materials and field trips are provided to students free of charge.  In OPEN GATE, students understand that academics, arts, and cultural activities like chess, music, poetry, theater, geometry, science and computers are more exciting, rewarding and compelling than the gang activity in their neighborhoods.

You Can Change a Child’s Life!

Your donation HDF Donation Thank Youto The Human Development Foundation can truly change a child’s life!  Through your gift, you will help:

  • Provide highly intelligent children from low-income neighborhoods with professional tutoring and stimulating educational resources and learning experiences.
  • Give gifted children a road map that leads to academic success, and away from drugs, gangs, and crime.
  • Teach parents of OPEN GATE students how to foster good study skills, and overcome potential barriers to crucial parental involvement.

Genius at the Crossroads of Life

Tommy T. enrolled in the OPEN GATE program as an elementary student in 1998 and has now completed his first year of college with a 3.8 GPA. In highschool, he wrote this reflection on the OPEN GATE program and what it meant to him.

This program has been like a map given to me, as I head on a road trip to my future. I was never aware of the potential that I kept hidden as a child. The OPEN GATE Program was there to get me headed in the right direction. It has been hard for me, being a student in a neighborhood that is filled with gangs, drugs, and violence, to reach a point in my life where I am in charge of my future. This program has opened up countless doors for me when it seemed like I would end up trapped in a corner because of where I was brought up.

When I was starting the fourth grade, The OPEN GATE Program placed me in a seminar class at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School. This class has helped me
in unimaginable ways. Being in a surrounding where I would be among friends, some of whom have become lifelong friends, who would be supportive of my creative side allowed me to emerge from a shy state of mind and do things that expressed my creativity and led me to start thinking ‘out of a box.’

Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘Genius without education is like silver in the mine.’ This quote, to me, means that having potential to be great and not having a chance to develop it would be as useless as going mining in a mine, with the potential to store gold coming out with silver. It is my belief that, without the support of the Human Development Foundation and the OPEN GATE Program, I would’ve become the thing that I work hard to get away from, a lost child with a life of crime due to peer pressure.

As I grasp the opportunity for higher education, I hope to do my part and help the people that are struggling. When I am in college, I would like to come back to an elementary school, and choose a single child which I can help and devote my free time to, the way that a few special people have done for me. I would help prepare them for whatever goals they have in life, and use the experience that I have gained through some of the hard times that I have endured. I will teach them from making mistakes that I have made, therefore helping them overcome obstacles that might slow down or even shatter their hopes and dreams. If I could do this for just one student, I would feel that I have truly made a difference in a child’s life. I would also feel that I have changed that one child the way the OPEN GATE Program has, tremendously, changed me from a struggling student to the student ‘holding all of the cards’.

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Mind Transformations June 14, 2011 at 12:14 am

Children are our future. Redefining education is what we can do for them. No child to be left out.



GlobalPatriot June 14, 2011 at 1:10 pm

So true Alfred, on all counts, yet sad that so many children are at a disadvantage when it comes to acquiring a proper education.


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