The World In Our Grasp – TEDx San Diego 2011

by Mark Lovett on December 6, 2011

It’s not often that we get to spend an entire day immersed in intelligence, inspiration and insights, but that pretty much sums up the comments I heard during Saturday’s 2011 TEDx San Diego.  Billed as The World In Our Grasp, 26 esteemed speakers took the audience down a winding path of discovery, from Self, to Community, then Global viewpoints before wrapping up with Seeds of Change – how we can all get involved.

No Shortage of Incredible Ideas

TEDx San Diego 2011

  • There’s no can’t, just will or won’t
  • The magic of music as medicine
  • The world’s coral reefs in jeopardy
  • Understanding our lucid dreaming
  • Apply horse whispering to your life
  • The value of personal storytelling
  • How engineering empowers youth
  • Curing early stage breast cancer
  • Dive into 3D chalk art surrealism
  • Creative climate change solutions
  • Visualizing the entire solar system
  • Advances in synthetic genomics
  • Real-world biomimicry applications
  • Current need for civics education
  • Feed a growing world population
  • Prevent the use of child soldiers
  • Employ veterans in disaster relief
  • Nature inspired technology ideas

Words to Remember

While a blog post could be written on each of the presentations, I was captivated by Martha Beck’s insights on ancient wisdom while she confronted an African rhinoceros, and offered up the notion that what we often think of as magic, is simply a matter of tuning into nature, and in that way, described the Technology of Magic in 4 words:

  • Wordlessness (silence allows for perception and focus of attention)
  • Oneness (recognition that everything on the planet is connected)
  • Imagination (we need to envision that which has never occurred)
  • Forming (the process in which we finally manifest magic in life)

(yes, you had to be there to fully appreciate the totality of this life-changing story)

So much more to share, and I promise to post some of the videos when they’re available, but for now, I’ll leave you with a few quotes that resonated with me.

Notable Quotes (From the Self Session)

When ready meets able, our will be done.” – Sekou Andrews

Ready is the intersection of Passion, Priority, Preparation.” – Sekou Andrews

Jump off cliffs all the time, develop wings on the way down.” – Sekou Andrews

Play until we need rest, then rest until we need play.” – Martha Beck

Dissolve fear and listen to your instincts.” – Koelle Simpson

We make the world we experience.” – Kurt Gray

Everyone is a media empire.” – Suneel Gupta

TEDx San Diego 2011 Drumming

Haven’t been to a TEDx event, go, it will change your life!

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