Happiness Doesn’t Come From Headstands

by Mark Lovett on September 18, 2012

In this age of hyper-achievement, where egos rule and our self-worth is measured only by our “success”, it’s a welcome relief to find a message for children which is focused on self-awareness, self-acceptance and personal resilience.  Such is the message within Tamara Levitt’s book, Happiness Doesn’t Come From Headstands.

While you may not be familiar with her, Tamara Levitt is one of those magical souls that brightens a room whenever she walks in, or comes to you via social media. So it’s no surprise that she came up with the idea for this series of children’s books.

“These stories were written as reminders to myself in times of challenge. They address universal themes I wish I had a deeper understanding of growing up. It’s a series I want my nieces and nephews to know; one that I want your kids and grandkids and your friends kids to know. My hope is to inspire you as you inspire the children in your life.” – Tamara Levitt

I encourage you to watch the video, and if possible, contribute to this endeavor via her Kickstarter Project.  It’s so important that every child fully understand that their self-worth is an inherent part of who they are and in no way determined by material possessions or how much money they have.

Happiness Doesn't Come From Handstands

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