Will Trashing the Planet be Mankind’s Legacy?

by Mark Lovett on January 5, 2013

Think about how planet earth operated before mankind came on the scene.  Nature thrived without fear that the basic building blocks of life – air, water & soil – would be intentionally ravaged for the sake of profit and progress. Now look to the future and think about what will happen if we stay on our present course; what will planet earth ultimately look like in the years to come?  Take a look at Steve Cutts’ vision:

Steve Cutts is not an environmentalist by trade, but rather a professional illustrator and animator who decided to use his graphic skills to make a point.  You can check out his work at http://www.stevecutts.com/.  Steve doesn’t pull any punches in this video as animals are causally dismembered for food, clothing and entertainment as forests are transformed into piles of paper and the world becomes a trash heap.

To be fair, there are millions of us who live in harmony with nature, as opposed to controlling and destroying it, but the forces of greed are powerful and the attitude of “we’ll take care of the problems later” is pervasive.  The question is whether we even have a later to deal with, as many who study environmental degradation say we’ve already passed the tipping point.

What are your thoughts on Steve Cutts’ vision of our future?

Can we change direction, or will earth become a trash heap?

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