Bono Fights Poverty With Facts @ TEDActive2013

by Mark Lovett on February 27, 2013

The main problem with any TED or TEDx event lies in the fact that there is so much wisdom flowing your way it’s hard to assimilate.  While the brain may need twenty minutes to properly ponder what was just said on stage, there’s only a short break between speakers.  Even writing notes becomes a challenge as you’re afraid you’ll miss something profound while scribbling furiously in your notepad.  Such was the case when Bono took the stage to speak about the progress made against extreme global poverty and the need for facts and information transparency.

TEDActive2013 Young Wise Undiscovered

Information was a core topic of the day, and Bono made a number of salient points, including the fact that extreme global poverty (people living on less than $1.25/day) has been cut in half over the last twenty years, signifying the benefits derived from international aid.  Bono also emphasized that we need to focus on just the facts, as he referred to factivism and factivists to support the message, instead the politics.

Bono“We know that the biggest disease of all is not a disease, it is corruption, but there is a cure for that too, it’s called transparency.”

“Facts, like people, want to be free. When they’re free, liberty is around the corner.” 

“The power of the people is so much stronger than the people in power.”

“I am sexually aroused by the collating of data.”

He also referred to the Zero Zone, derived from an extrapolation of the data, which suggests we could eliminate extreme poverty by 2030.

But despite his pride at what has been accomplished, and despite his hope for the future, he emphasized the fact that we are still in danger of missing the mark, as multi-national companies, such as those representing big oil, are fighting so hard against attempts to make public how much money is being paid to extract natural resources from the ground in developing countries.

Global Patriots must continue the fight against poverty by fighting for facts!

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