About Global Patriot

by Mark Lovett

The Global Patriot Movement

The Global Patriot movement promotes the basic idea of patriotism without borders.  Words commonly associated with patriotism include allegiance, dedication & loyalty, and in that light, the concept of being a Global Patriot is to be patriotic to the whole planet, not just one nation – an idea based on the notion of one planet, one people.

We’re living in a unique time, at the nexus of human rights and sustainability, where problems associated with hunger and poverty, equal rights, education, social justice and climate change continue to frame our future.  There are hundreds of thousands of organizations working around the globe on these issues, and they are highlighted here in an effort to honor their work and to inspire others to do the same.

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Being a Global Patriot involves focusing our thoughts, words and actions on improving the health and well-being of the planet, and within that practice there is no sense of affiliation with any race, gender, nationality, political organization, religious belief or personal ideology.

Keeping Up With Global Patriot

Your participation in the dialogue is important, so please voice your opinion on blog posts that interest you.  Keeping abreast of Global Patriot updates is easy as every post can be emailed to you or updated in your RSS reader.

Please join the Global Patriot Foundation on Facebook, and if you’re on Twitter, follow @GlobalPatriot!  We’re also posting videos on YouTube at GlobalPatriotTV.

Thanks for your continued support, the world needs more Global Patriots!

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